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About DDXLK (Danish DX Listeners´ Club)


Dansk DX Lytter Klub (DDXLK) – Danish DX Listeners´ Club - is an independent organization of Danish short wave, medium wave (AM), FM and DAB DX’ers, as well as other radio enthusiasts and dedicated radio listeners.


The club was founded on February 3rd 1973 as a local club in the heart of Jutland. The club was founded by DX`ers Henning Kristensen and Stig Hartvig Nielsen, and soon became national.


From the very beginning, the publication called ‘DX-FOKUS · alt om radio’ was published. Now DDXLK publishes a joint bimonthly magazine with Sveriges DX-Förbund , called ‘DX-AKTUELLT – allt om radio’. The magazine is published in Swedish and Danish.


Publishing DX-AKTUELLT is the main activity for DDXLK. But over the years , DDXLK has also arranged a number of meetings and DX camps in various parts of Denmark.


Membership is only available for people living in Denmark and Danes living abroad.